Learning in the Car

Carschooling – Great Ways to Keep Learning in the Car!

I love homeschooling, and one of the things I’m always joking about is that homeschoolers are always on the go and are NEVER home! There are weeks when if I DON’T bring some work on the road, we definitely wouldn’t get it done! All our travel time doesn’t have to be downtime – we can keep engaged even when we’re traveling! Sometimes, we bring the lap desks and our actual workbooks and pages to do. But sometimes we get creative too!

We use podcasts, audiobooks, CDs of math facts, and most recently, language learning! Instead of mindlessly focusing on our own devices, we listen as a family and it inspires great discussion. When my youngest needed to learn math facts, we popped in a “Rock and Learn” and all sang together. We listened to countless audiobooks and talked through the stories, expanding comprehension. We’ve listened to classical music CDs, focusing on the “songs and stories” to understand the compositions. And now, we’re learning French!

We keep sketchbooks in the car, and I often have the girls illustrate something along our route that inspired them. We discuss how sketchbooks aren’t about perfection or creating something to hang on the wall, but just to get a picture down. I have two perfectionists, and just having them draw OFTEN has made art much less intimidating. This is also where we keep the “how to draw” books.

We have mini spelling bees in the car – I ask the girls words from their individual lists. We have “math bees” as well – simple addition for my younger, multiplication for my older. We play word games – looking for synonyms to expand vocabulary (how many ways can we say “said’”? “big”? “nice?”. We make up stories with the “popcorn game” – passing around the story at random moments.

Variety definitely keeps our brains sharp and makes all our travel time much more meaningful!